Nozawa Onsen Japan - SNOW MONKEYS & Snowboarding

Nozawa Onsen Japan - SNOW MONKEYS & Snowboarding

Hey guys! This is TankensuruJapan from Instagram here! I have been staying in Japan for almost a month now; and I am so HAPPY HERE! Japan has amazing places to go, but I will start my blog of Japan by Talking about Nozawa! 

- Nozawa Onsen is a small village in Nagano Prefecture. Though the size isn't large; the crowd during the winter is BIG! THE ONSENS (Hot Water Baths) are sooo refreshing and relaxing after beig in the cold; and they are located EVERYWHERE! People from all over the world come for the three month season to get their snowboarding on and to go crazy with their friends at night! CHECK OUT SOME OF THE BARS IF YOU ARE IN TOWN! The snowboarding/skiing here is fit for all ages and skill levels; and there are tons of courses to go on! See some great people, have great food, and enjoy life here in Nozawa.


Also, the Fire Festival in Nozawa is crazy popular and a very good experience, the villagers create a huge tower of wood with people sitting on it, and it resembles a ritual for long life. The crowd during that festival is amazing and the village really has a party! The BEST TIME, is to be there from December 30th - Januray 15th ! This place was and is, a GREAT place for me to get away from the busy life and out of the city; though I do LOVE TOKYO- but thats a different story ! CHECK OUT THESE PLACES I ADDED BELOW IF YOU ARE IN NOZAWA!

- Nozawa Onsen is located right by the SNOW MONKEYS. In Nagano Prefecture, Japan ; Snow Monkeys come to the Hot Water "Onsens" to bathe. The cold brings the monkey's down in packs, where they sink themselves in Hot Natural Spring water for Hours! This is definitely the place to venture to if you want to see some cool fellow ancestors in ACTION! LOL! The one thing you should not do, is try to touch them! They may look cute, but these little guys are still ANIMALS! Make sure to take good video, but don't get your PHONE SNATCHED! The place to go is Jigokudani Snow Park ! 

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