Living Life & Traveling The World! - @asian_rico Instagram

Living Life & Traveling The World! - @asian_rico Instagram

Riko Nakamura is a world travel master with a hint of everything life should be about! 

Instagram: @asian_rico 

Riko is a young lady that has been studying in the state of New York and Los Angeles to learn both fashion education & Make Up (Cosmetics)!


- Her blog is about the way to keep the body tight and fit, while traveling the endless and boundless world that is this earth! 

Riko has an instagram that compacts her life with her beloved boyfriend and the work of Adventures she's done! 

Riko has big BIG plans with her page- 

She's got FASHION- Beauty - Fitness & Travel! 

Taking a journey into her page is a mix of eye candy and Travel + Adventure! You've got to stay tuned for something like this to keep growing and inspiring you to live life how it should be lived! 

Not only is Riko going to be talking soon about the ways that nutrition and fitness affects life and the world we live around us, especially while we try to continue to keep our body healthy from this NEW CORONA VIRUS :( .... 

There is NO END to the adventures and content that Riko will take you on! FOLLOW HER INSTAGRAM AND SEE HER JOURNEY FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS! Beauty - Happiness - Adventure & LOVE! 

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