Discover Yasaka Pagoda! - Kyoto Blog

Discover Yasaka Pagoda! - Kyoto Blog

One of the best places for taking pictures in Kyoto, Japan - And, one of the best places to make photos go VIRAL! #tankensurujapan 

Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto is the place to go if you want the traditional "Old Japanese" vibe. The walk way in most photos depict the amazing construction of Japanese architecture and create a feeling from the old samurai movies! 


Fun Fact! - Many people don't know that Kyoto was once the Capital City of Japan ! 

The Yasaka Pagoda: 

Higashiyama district holds the great and old Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto. The Yasaka Pagoda is one of the last remaining structures from the old Hokanji Temple of the "Edo" period.

The streets of the Yasaka pagoda area hold shops that open from late morning, till early night time. The shops are worth checking out, and you can grab a souvenir or snack to bring home! 

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Here is a map for you to reference while you are near Yasaka Pagoda - 

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