Discover Chureito Pagoda! - Fuji JAPAN

Discover Chureito Pagoda! - Fuji JAPAN

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Today we are going to be introducing to you one of the most popular Japan spots on instagram! @tankensurujapan 

Chureito Pagoda is the Tour and Photo spot! It is located right in front of the most majestic view of Fujisan (Mount Fuji). 

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Chureito Pagoda is located in Fujiyoshida - Japan. The Temple is beautifully constructed and placed in perfect location to the complete feel and aura of Japan's Mount Fuji. 

The Chureito Pagoda was created in 1963; it commemorates the lives of the persons who died in Fujiyoshida during the World War 2 battle. 

Though the creation of the temple reflects memories of a once hard time for Japan and its people, we are reminded every day of the pure beauty it holds in everyday glances and pictures on Instagram #tankensurujapan 

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